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1 lakh have recovered from Coronavirus in India

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More than 1 lakh people who had tested positive for Covid-19 in India have recovered and been discharged so far. As per the Covid-19 bulletin issued by the Union health ministry on Wednesday morning, a total of 1,00,303 Covid-19 cases have recovered in the country so far.

In a statement, the Union health ministry said India’s recovery rate has improved to 48.31 per cent while the fatality rate has dropped to 2.8 per cent.

According to the numbers put out by the ministry, 4,776 people infected with Covid-19 had recovered in the past 24 hours.

“The recovery rate is 48.31 per cent amongst Covid-19 patients. Presently, there are 1,01,497 active cases and all are under active medical supervision. The fatality rate is 2.80 per cent,” the ministry said.

Among states, Maharashtra has the highest number of people (31,333) who have recovered so far. It is followed by Tamil Nadu (13,706 recoveries) and Gujarat (11,894 recoveries).

However, these are also states that have the highest number of Covid-19 cases.

A better measurement of recovery among Covid-19 cases can be understood from percentage of Covid-19 cases who have recovered in each state.

In terms of percentage, Andaman Nicobar Islands leads the tally in recovery rates with a recovery rate of 100 per cent. As of today morning, all 33 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands had recovered.

Punjab has the second best recovery rate in India (86.12 per cent), followed by Goa (72.15 per cent) and Chandigarh (71.09 per cent).

Overall, there are 13 states and Union territories that have a recovery rate of more than 50 per cent. These include: Andaman and Nicobar Islands (100 per cent), Punjab (86.12 per cent), Goa (72.15 per cent), Chandigarh (71.09 per cent), Rajasthan (68.65 per cent), Gujarat (67.51 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (62.10 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (62 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (60 per cent), Odisha (59.02 per cent), Ladakh (58.02 per cent), Tamil Nadu (55.74 per cent) and Telangana (52.78 per cent).

Meanwhile, the total number of Covid-19 cases has also crossed the 2 lakh-mark in India. The country is already among the top 10 countries with the highest number of cases and is now the biggest epicentre of the disease in Asia.

The scale at which the infection is spreading in India can be understood from the fact that while the country took 110 days to reach the 1 lakh-mark, the next 1 lakh cases were reported in just 15 days.

Despite this rapid growth, the government has said its preventive measures to contain the disease have been very effective, as shown by a much lower fatality rate than several other countries.

Authorities said the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients was improving consistently in India and they are in a much better position in handling the pandemic.

Globally, more than 63 lakh people have tested positive for Covid-19 since its emergence in China last December and over 3.7 lakh have lost their lives.

Testing infrastructure has also been ramped up considerably in India in the recent months with an average of 1.2 lakh tests being conducted every day now.

So far, close to 40 lakh tests have been conducted in India, putting it among the top-five nations globally on this parameter alongside the US, Russia, UK and Spain.

However, India does not figure even among the top-100 countries when it comes to tests per one lakh population.

(With inputs from PTI)

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