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Dude, you made the right decision: Shawn Michals reveals what The Undertaker told him after WrestleMania 36

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WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels said walking away from the ring was an easy decision to make for him as he has managed to enjoy every aspect of his life after the epic WrestleMania 26 battle in 2010.

Shawn Michaels retired from the WWE after losing to The Undertaker in the ‘The Streak vs The Career’ match at WrestleMania 26.

In what was one of the iconic moments in the history of WWE, Michaels walked away after an enthralling match with The Phenom. While The Undertaker extended his then perfect WrestleMania record, Michaels walked the talk and called it quits.

In his recent docu-series for the WWE Network – The Last Ride, The Undertaker had said he was envious of Shawn Michaels and that he wished he had that kind of clarity when it came to walking away from the ring. The Undertaker announced his retirement in the final episode of the Last Ride earlier this month.

“Each guy has to make that decision. It’s a hard job to wake away. You’ll always see there are aspects of it you could still do. I remember him saying that, he told ‘dude you made the right decision at the right time’,” Michaels told Sony Sports during WWE Live Dhamaal ft. The Heartbreak Kid.

“Absolutely everything changed priority wise in my life. I can just say for me, it was so impactful, everything after that was a proverbial second chance. Walking away has been easy because I have enjoyed every aspect of my life after that.”

Shedding light on his epic WrestleMania 26 battle with The Undertaker, Michaels said the storyline with all the emotion in it helped boost the status of the match.

“I was ready for that. Just wanting to be as good or as well accepted as the previous year. That’s what puts the pressure and anxiety on you.

“We worked around the storyline that we had that certainly helped me walk away. When you have got those emotional heartstrings to pull on, that’s always an advantage. I think also even though perhaps people can often be skeptical of career matches, given the history. That adds more meat to that bone.”

‘Fantastic and masterful to watch’

Meanwhile, Michaels also said his favourite character of The Undertaker is The Phenom for its longevity and success over the years.

“Easy, it’s The Phenom for me. I didn’t even know in the time I was there if he was (American) Badass. I think it was a smart move at the same time. I always take the Phenom because it’s a fantastic character.

“When I was just a lone guy on the roaster, I have heard people saying ‘it’s a great character but I don’t know how long it will last’. And it’s been 30 odd years. It’s been fantastic and masterful to watch to keep that going that long.”

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