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Wahiyat Wednesday: Why 10 Enradhukulla is one of Samantha’s worst films

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In Jyotika’s words, directors often reduce actresses to an unintelligent human being. They’re made to run around trees, men and spout dumb dialogues and be arm candy for the heroes.

Barring a few films, this is the state for most of the actresses. Samantha Akkineni, who is hailed as the Queen Bee of South India is no different. When she signed director Vijay Milton’s 10 Enradhukulla, she would have thought that her character would be spoken about. The whole story is centred around her, she’s paired opposite Chiyaan Vikram and the film is directed by a promising filmmaker. Now, that’s a great checklist to have before signing the film. Except that it wasn’t.

Thanks to a redundant story and terrible treatment of characters, 10 Enradhukulla was a cringe-fest. Every single aspect of the screenplay backfired. Before all the applause-worthy characters, Samantha starred in a character which can be called as the mother of all loosu ponnus (unintelligent dumb girls beyond imagination).

Samantha essays the role of Shakila in the film. And the director describes the character as one who failed her driving test 14 times. The audience is expected to go, ‘Oh so cute, she can’t even pass her test.’ Also, she is an orphan and that’s a cue to feel empathy towards her.

That’s not it. She’s so dumb that she manages to park her car on a tree. Yes, you read it right. It’s supposed to be a running gag to make you laugh. Expect that you stare at the screen like you did a grave mistake by watching this.

Almost all the comedy dialogues written for Shakila’s character is as old as the hills. The driving teacher says reverse and she goes forward instead. As an audience, you have to hold on to this important piece of information, because it makes a comeback in the climax. Because emphasising it once is not enough.

In another scene, Vikram who goes by the names James Bond, Mani Ratnam or Sunil Gavaskar, hides the car keys in her cardigan. She slips into her cardigan and they have a cute quarrel about the car keys. He begins to search the insides of her cardigan and ends up touching her bosoms. In case the scene didn’t register in your heads, the director uses the sound of thinking to emphasise it.

Throughout the course of the film, every single scene except for the emotional sequences is stale and fails to evoke any sense of emotion.

For some reason, if you are still glued to the screen, it gets even better – or worse. The story now shifts to a village in Uttarakhand where Samantha’s Shakila has a doppelganger – Gadgi Moi. The lack of inventiveness in 10 Enradhukulla is beyond imagination. The only change in Gadgi Moi’s look is Samantha’s somewhat twisted lips in the second role. You can’t help but laugh at the scenes set in Uttarkhand.

If you have reached the end of the article, it means you can withstand the film too. Give it a shot, it’s not as if our home-bound lives are all that entertaining anyway.

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