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With 82 fatalities, Covid-19 death rate in Agra remains highest in Uttar Pradesh in June

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Despite the incessant efforts of the local administration and health department, the death toll due to Covid-19 continues to grow in Agra, with as many as 82 deaths. Till now, the city has reported 1,166 coronavirus cases.

Currently, the death rate is 7 per cent in Agra. According to sources, the number of deaths in Agra is significantly higher than other cities with similar population size in Uttar Pradesh.
When District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh was asked about the reasons for so many deaths in Agra, he said that most of the deceased were already suffering from comorbid conditions, and many of them already had a multiple-organ failure.

On the other hand, Former Chief Medical Officer Dr AK Kulshreshtha said that the high death rate due to Covid-19 in Agra is because of the low number of samples being taken in the city.

“The sample is taken only when the patient becomes critical and that creates difficulty in treatment,” Kulshreshtha said.

Kulshreshtha recommended three suggestions to reduce the number of Covid deaths in Agra.

“Samples should be taken in good numbers, i.e. at least 400, samples should be be taken as soon as the patient starts showing Covid-19 symptoms and lastly, the use of plasma therapy should be increased in treating critical patients, as the therapy has given successful results in various cities of India,” Kulshreshtha added.

Meanwhile, according to sources, the number of people going for voluntary tests in Agra has increased by 20 per cent during Unlock-1.0. Those who are suffering from minor cold and cough are also getting themselves tested, while the suspects are being tested after screening, sources added.

“Over 100 people are arriving at the district hospital for voluntary tests and most of them are pregnant women and surgical patients, although hardly one or two of them is found to be Covid-19 positive,” a senior doctor at the Agra District Hospital told India Today.

Meanwhile, social activist and Covid-19 survivor Sameer told India Today that the contagious disease can be defeated by following some basic guidelines such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and washing hands.

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